Spring 2015

In this body of work I am painting directly and exclusively from memory, and in doing so reflecting on the nature of memory. These paintings portray a feeling of a place and ephemerality rather than a correct representation of that landscape. The places I have chosen to document are meaningful to me because they are places where familial relationships exist. In the larger paintings I am addressing the family, its members, and my role as part of a family by depicting moments of interpersonal and interspecies bonding.  The smaller square paintings largely address the importance of place (as opposed to individuals) and my relationships with these places as part of my sense of self. I am depicting the places that I am connected to because of all the feelings and relationships that gather in my memory of those places. I make use of color, mark, and texture to create mood and atmosphere in my paintings and give the viewer a sense of my  feelings about these places. Overall, these paintings are reflections on how the people, places, and family around us create who we are. 


21-Day Painting Challenge

21 paintings in 21 days. Oil on gessoed paper. 11 x 14".